who’s it about?

eph 6 6-7

the Lord’s been challenging me lately: am i doing ___ for Him?

fill the blank in with whatever you want: working, taking care of the house, helping someone, skydiving…

in all honesty, though, that is the only question to ask about anything. is it for Him? if it’s not, whether it’s for myself or for others, it’s not right.

it’s all about Him. and my life should look that way.

i’m praying He molds me to look more like this verse while i’m memorizing it for the next few weeks.

ps if you want some accountability to memorize scripture this year, click here for more info. it’s not too late to join and we’ll all get together and celebrate Jesus next january! {i mean really, could that be any more fantastic?!}

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  • Ashley McNeese February 1, 2013 at 7:35 PM

    Great reminder.. And humbling! Thanks, Caitlin!

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