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most of you know that i’m undertaking this crazy challenge with my friend Kat. i just have to take a moment and say i am so thankful for her. she is an incredible friend and isn’t afraid to speak truth to me in love. she keeps me accountable in all areas of my life, and I love that. here’s her take on february:

What I Want Have

I am so glad Caitlin is patient and let me write my February reflection in March. Even with an extra day last month, I just couldn’t seem to find time to reflect on my no-clothes-buying experience up to this point.

There have been days when I have really, really wanted to go shopping. And there are clothes that I really, really want. So instead of focusing on what I want, what I really, really want (yes, that’s a Spice Girls reference), I do my best to focus on what I have….

  • Several black cardigans…I could probably live off just my black cardigans for the year;
  • At least one good pair of jeans in pretty much every style – boot cut, skinny, trouser, straight leg…I’m set;
  • A ridiculous number of casual tee’s that I’m learning to love and wear in different ways – tucked into a skirt, under a blazer, even with a scarf and heels;
  • Pinterest….enough said.

However, even if I didn’t have those things I still would have…

  • A loving husband who supports my crazy undertakings;
  • A church family that challenges me to never be complacent in my faith;   
  • My mom and dad – my dad treats my mom like a queen even after 40 years of marriage, and they love me more than I can describe;
  • Truly amazing friendships that have changed my life.

Through this experience, I am learning more and more about loving and appreciating what I have, and I hope anyone reading this blog will learn to as well!

i love her heart. and her, too. and her reference to the spice girls. let’s jam.

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