Hi! I’m Caitlin, and I’m so glad you’re here.

Have you ever felt like you had nothing to wear? And yet felt a little ridiculous because your closet is full of clothes?

I’ve never liked to wear the same outfit twice. In the past, that meant I was constantly shopping because I didn’t know how to mix and match things. I wore them the way the mannequin had them on, or with the pieces I bought them to go with.

During 2012, I gave up shopping for a year (no shoes, clothes, or accessories) and shopped my average-size closet to come up with more than 365 “new” looks- and I still had outfit ideas! I was blown away.

As I wrote about learning how to shop my closet, ladies started asking me to help them do the same thing, and style coaching was born.



A one on one style consultation might be right for you if…

  • You feel like you have nothing to wear but have a closet full of clothes;
  • You’re transitioning to a new season of life (career change, a sweet baby, a move, etc.) and want an extra set of eyes + guidance to transition your style and closet to match.
  • You want to build a simple, versatile style and closet that feels like you and frees up time + resources to pour into what really matters to you!

A luxury consultation is $2999 + travel if you’re located outside of Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas.

If you want to learn more, we’ll start with a complimentary 30 minute consultation in person or via FaceTime or Skype to:  

  • Dig into where your closet is + where you want it to go;
  • And answer any questions you have.

I’ll follow up with my recommendations on a few key areas to focus on to get you the results you’re looking for quickly and easily. If it’s a fit, we’ll go from there!

To set up an initial 30 minute complimentary consultation, please click here.

I can’t wait to meet you!

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What clients are saying:

Wendy’s Story

Lauren’s story

“With Caitlin’s help I was able to see the possibilities and really understand how certain pieces could work together. She showed me over 70 different outfits I could make with my clothes that I thought had no purpose.  Caitlin walked me through simple guidelines that I could apply when trying to put an outfit together. She was always very kind and considerate and made me feel good about the clothes I already had… Now I refuse to believe the lie “I have nothing to wear,” and I see all the possibilities. It was fun learning with Caitlin.  She helped me appreciate just how versatile a piece can be and I feel now that I have countless new ways to create fabulous outfits too.”



“Although I feel I have some good and versatile pieces in my wardrobe, I tend to create the same outfits over and over again. I pair the same top with the same cardigan, pants, and shoes and therefore often have the urge to buy more clothes just to have more options.

After meeting with Caitlin, I have an entirely new appreciation for my wardrobe. At the end of our time she assessed all the pieces I currently have and helped me come up with a list of helpful future clothing additions that will be highly re-mixable and a good long-term investment. Her help was worth every single penny! Instead of spending the money to add one outfit to my closet, I feel I now have countless new outfits to wear.”

– Lauren


You made me feel comfortable with my how my body is and what I already have! Thank you, Thank YOU!


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