vacationing with 11 pieces (day 28)

t and i went on a little getaway last weekend (which was fantastic and glorious and amazing!)

we ate (wayyyyyyy) too much food, had the best talks, hiked (t was happy), floated in the river (i was happy), and had zero cell reception. it was a little piece of heaven on earth.

packing for vacation with only 11 pieces, however? not so much a piece of heaven. (more like the other place.)

if i could have had a brand new set of 11 items, it would have been great, but i felt like all my casual-ish looks had been used up. i had a mini pity party when no one was looking but i made it work and amazingly enough, the earth did not stop even though i only wore one non-athletic outfit a day. (as opposed to one in the morning and one at night…i’m not the only one that likes to do that, right?)

here is my very official list of the pros and cons of packing only 11 pieces:


  • i had already picked everything to mix and match with everything else.
  • maxi dresses make traveling a dream. comfy? check. put together without looking overdone? check. wrinkle free no matter how long you sit? check.
  • for the first time ever, i packed less than t did. (score!)


  • i only took 8 of my 11 pieces. in retrospect, i would have taken them all.
  • i could go for months outside of a vacation setting with no stains. when i have limited (and light colored) items? bam! my dressing jumped from my fork into my lap on the first plunge into my salad. every.single.time. (it must be a conspiracy.)
  • when there is an abundance of air conditioning, one sweater will leave you wishing you’d packed your snuggie.

the best part? now that i know i can make at least 30 outfits with 11 pieces, i’m going to be an amazing travel packer.

ps i promised close ups of these shoes last time i wore them, but i got distracted by the sushi date my sweet husband whisked me away to last night…my bad. next time!

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  • Amy B June 28, 2012 at 12:33 PM

    With what you’ve learned, you could travel Europe for a month and be all sheik and model-ish and stuff.

    • Caitlin June 30, 2012 at 7:04 AM

      Oo…Europe. For a month. I like the way you think, Amy :) And that’s really true. I won’t ever need to pack a crazy amount of items again!

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