to belt or not to belt…

that is the question.

well, if you want to get all technical, the question my friend actually asked me the other day was this: “how do I know what to wear belts with and what not to wear belts with? I want to try using them, but I don’t know how…”

that’s exactly what i struggled with for a while, so i figure there are more people who wonder.

one of my favorite things about belts is they can completely change the look of an outfit and give you multiple remixing options.

i’ll give you a sneak peek of the post i’m putting together about belts. (it’s going to be belt-tastic.)

in my opinion, the easiest way to wear a belt (besides wearing it to hold your pants up- hey, i’ve got to give credit where credit is due) is with a top that has a defined waistline. like the one i’m wearing today. if a top has an already-defined waistline, it’s created to be pulled in at that place. by adding a belt, you play up the natural cut of a garment. easy peasy lemon squeezey.


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