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for several months now, i’ve been considering the list of things i want to become.

i realized that if i don’t line those things out, i will probably never become them. they’re far too easily drowned out in the flood of to do’s.

outlining my to be list has been a slow, and sometimes overwhelming process, but i love it. my mind and evernote folders are overflowing with so many possibilities! so many they actually held me hostage for a while. i wasn’t sure how to organize my thoughts and move forward in them. the process i came up with may border on crazy type a, but it’s brought order, drive, and accomplishment with it.

the main areas i’ve chosen to focus on for now are financial, health, home keeping, marriage, and spiritual. they’re organized in tiers:

  • main category
    • sub category (i.e.: financial includes giving, investing, learning, real estate, and saving.)
      • each sub category has an overarching goal (or two), and is ordered by importance.

because a large task feels overwhelming unless it’s broken down, i copied and pasted this hierarchy and used the individual outlines to break down action steps in order.

for example, under financial and learning, troy and i are talking about taking a real estate investment class at the local college over the summer. a few of the steps are gathering information about the class, talking about it together, and signing up for the class.

as i think of new action items, i add them where i think they fall in order of importance. every week, i review these lists and add the next action step from each category to my calendar for the week. i’ll also look at my over all goals and make sure i’m still headed toward them.

sometimes my action steps all get accomplished and sometimes it’s only one, but i’m moving forward! i think the thing i like about it most is that i know i’m moving toward the things i want my life to be about. there were so many things floating around in my head that have been lassoed and put in their place. i had no idea how much peace of mind or ability to enjoy downtime that would give me.

one small step toward organization; one giant leap toward making sure the small things aren’t holding the important ones at their mercy!

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