three cheers for stripes

organizing invogorates me. for that reason, i feel that monica geller (from friends) and i would be bff’s…if only she were real.

i’m helping a real-life friend organize her house and wanted to be comfy today, so i went with jeans, stripes and my oversized sweater.

horizontal stripes were once said to make you look bigger, but they’ve made a fantastic comeback. some of my favorite pins recently (one, two, three) have featured them. let’s be honest- stripes are fantastic!

in other news, i broke the “you can’t wear gold with silver” rule yesterday (it just didn’t feel right to write this in light of the seriousness of yesterday’s post) but instead of mixing gold and silver jewelry, i mixed a gold(ish) skirt with a silver (ok ok gray) blouse, tights and shoes. gray and silver count as the same thing, right?

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