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it’s no secret i’m like a squirrel hoarding nuts with ideas and evernote. i clip all kinds of things that i might want to refer to tomorrow…or somewhere down the road. here are some of the coolest ones i came across last month {you are welcome for not sharing all 1,493,859.75 of them}:

  • year27 {this site features illustrated verses with a purpose. jill, the author and designer, is helping translate a book of the Bible through her site.}
  • the two minute tuck {brilliant for a bad hair day.}
  • font squirrel {free fonts for personal or commercial use!}

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  • Selah February 5, 2013 at 3:06 PM

    Here’s something you might like – “Life After Downton Abbey” – Recommendations of movies and TV shows like Downton Abbey:
    A few of these are available for streaming on Netflix, plus, this is exactly the kind of stuff that libraries have!

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