the world doesn’t revolve around you

this is what i tell my tree as it tries to take over our little patch of land. it’s also what i tell myself when i forget that important truth.

it’s so easy for me to get distracted (squirrel!) by something going on in my life and make it into a big huge thing that it’s not. my stresses are often ridiculous and consist of fights with my closet where half of it ends up on the floor and i’m pouting because i have “nothing to wear,” or accidentally getting in line behind the dedicated couponer (that i secretly wish i was). get a little perspective, cait! i’m a big fan of quotes lately, so here’s one for thought:

“I remix because I’m part of a family (and a world) that doesn’t revolve around me.” -Linda, from Rose a la Mode*

here’s to remixing! and to seeing oneself in perspective.

*as quoted here on Kendi Everyday.

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