Use The GTR Recipe To Make Building Your Closet A Piece of Cake


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Happy Sunday!!

It’s been so inspiring hearing about what y’all are doing with the extra time and money and energy you’re freeing up by starting to figure out your style!!

I’m SO PROUD of you for asking yourself what you like and why about the outfits you’re wearing! That will really help you figure out your own unique style, so keep asking! (I still ask myself those questions! It helps me tweak my style to always fit my life as it grows and changes.)

But let’s start getting into even more of the good stuff!

Here’s what we’ll be walking through together during the Piece of Cake Closet Challenge starting Tuesday to make figuring out your style + putting your closet together a piece of cake!

I fondly call it The GTR Recipe ;) and it has 3 steps:

  1. Create your strategy. This is like pulling out the recipe and gathering all your baking supplies! You’ve got to know where you are + where you want to go to create a strategy that works for your life!
  2. Shop your closet. This is like making and baking that delicious cake! You’ll really start to see how all your clothing “ingredients” can go together to create amazing results! Yay for outfits that make you feel amazing + fire you up to make more of what matters happen!! 
  3. Shop your style. Finally, you get to add that delectable icing + artfully arrange your decorations on the cake! This is where you’ll figure out the pieces you can add to your closet that will give you a versatile wardrobe that gives you joy + makes getting dressed easy!

Ah! It’s going to be!! You’ll feel more confident and polished starting with the clothes in your closet + get started creating a style that fits your life!

Here’s exactly how the Piece of Cake Closet challenge will pan out. (See what I did there? #puntotallyintended)

  1. Create your strategy. We’ve created a simple strategy for you to follow for this challenge, but we’ll give you a few questions you can answer to tailor the strategy more specifically to your life!
  2. Shop your closet. After you personalize your strategy, you’ll get 7 days of simple emails designed to give you super practical ways to find a “new” outfit every day.
  3. Shop your style. Finally, you’ll start a shopping list that will help you make your style really feel like you and work for your life!

For some of you, this challenge will be all you’ll need! For others, you’ll want to dig deeper or focus on a specific transition you’re going through with work or life, and that’s fine, too! We’ve got super fun options to help wherever you’re at. You do you, deal?

Ok, gorgeous! Are you ready?!

Sign up with your best email here to join the fun (if you’re already on the GTR email list, sit back and relax- you’re all set)!

This Monday, we’ll send you your free Gem Pack that is jam packed with goodies as delicious as a cake!

Inside, you’ll find:

  • Your roadmap to personalize for the challenge!
  • The #1 thing you can do to set yourself up for success!
  • Your invitation to the secret Facebook group for the challenge where you can share your outfits, ask me questions, and cheer on other ladies!
  • You’ll also get an extra discount during our annual We’re So Thankful For You Sale over Black Friday- good for everything– even all of our brand new Wardrobe Transition Guides! Yay!
  • Plus a few more fun goodies!

building your closet

It’s going to be so much fun!!

Sign up here with your best email if you’re not already on the GTR email list, then check your inbox Monday for the Gem Pack + look for day 1 of the Piece of Cake Closet Challenge Tuesday!

Get excited, gorgeous!!


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P.S. Tell us what you’re looking forward to most + keep us updated on how you’re doing with the hashtag #pieceofcakecloset!

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