the 1970’s

the seventies

aaaand the timeless capsule wardrobe series is back! tonight’s topic? the 70’s. oooooh the seventies. bright, loud, and very different from previous decades, this era brought:

many of the 70’s looks are timeless if they’re toned down a tad:

  • widelegs
  • maxi skirts and dresses continue to cycle around. one of each would be a great addition to a capsule wardrobe.

maxi power

  • novelty prints have also circled back multiple times. here’s a modern twist (and another!).
  • if it’s your style, faux fur is yet another comeback queen.
  • and platforms are a fun addition to an outfit.


to be honest, the 70’s surprised me. i didn’t think there would be many pieces i’d like, but there are several that will make their way into my capsule wardrobe plan. coughperfectwidelegjeanscough.

what about you? are there any trends from this decade you love? i want to hear them!

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  • Selah December 16, 2012 at 6:57 PM

    I agree with you completely about maxi skirts & dresses, wide leg jeans, and platforms! They were are very exaggerated trends in the 1970s that have been tamed down into more wearable staples. I love my maxi dress, wide leg khakis, and platform wedges.

    Also, the 1970s saw Lycra and Spandex become part of everyday fashion. Yay!

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