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it’s no secret i’m like a squirrel hoarding nuts with ideas and evernote. i clip all kinds of things that i might want to refer to tomorrow…or somewhere down the road. here are some of the coolest ones i came across last month {you are welcome for not sharing all 1,493,859.75 of them}:

  • year27 {this site features illustrated verses with a purpose. jill, the author and designer, is helping translate a book of the Bible through her site.}
  • the two minute tuck {brilliant for a bad hair day.}
  • font squirrel {free fonts for personal or commercial use!}

a lip liner how to

mixed textures

i’ve never used lip liner in my life.

but the lip sticks i’ve gotten always run away.

do yours? {because if they do, you’d better go catch them.}

seriously though, do they? {and did you ever make that prank phone call about a refrigerator running away? because i…didn’t. really. i promise. no prank phone calling on this end…}

anyway, maybe y’all are pros and don’t need this advice, but for the rest of you out there, clear lip liner is amazing. you can use it with any color to keep it inside the lines and all you have to do is trace the outside-ish line of your lips and then apply the lipstick. i didn’t have any trouble getting the crisp lines i’ve admired for so long. and it stayed all day.


reader remix!

today i have two fantastic remixes to share with you! i’m always inspired by the way others mix and match pieces to create new looks. enjoy!

first remix: brooke from belts and bangles


{look number 1}
leather jacket
pink tank top
skinny jeans
boyfriend-style watch
leopard print loafers

{look number 2}
leather jacket
cranberry tunic/dress
leather boots

second remix: aubree from


thanks so much for sharing your looks with us today, ladies!

reader remix

glasses and bows



to wrap up the timeless wardrobe capsule series and celebrate a year of remixing,  i want to see your favorite remix!

want to be featured?

send me 2 photos that remix a favorite item of clothing and your blog link (if applicable).

e-mail them to by midnight on january 4.

i can’t wait to see your looks!

ps as promised, here are a few links i found about dressing age appropriately:

  • advanced style; ari documents ladies of all ages and their style. this post on dressing age appropriately is absolutely precious and inspiring.
  • beauty by the decade features 3 experts {including stacy london!}, their tips, tricks, and highlights the ladies they made over.

pps have you heard about warby parker? i always dread getting new glasses because picking a pair in the store makes me feel pressured and stressed and i start to sweat and then pick a pair i end up disliking. when i was bemoaning this fact to my friend kelsey, she told me about warby parker. they let you “order” frames to try out for a couple of days for free. even better, for every pair bought, they give a pair to someone who needs them. i love companies who do good with their business!

timeless capsule wardrobe

linking up at the pleated poppy for what i wore wednesday!

shopping questions

bright and cheery



my friend, you are ready to shop!

when you go, be honest with yourself- and take a friend if you need to! have a hardcopy of your list or take it on your phone. {mine’s in evernote. i mean really, did you have to ask? :)}

try on lots of things and be picky.

questions to ask:

  • is it within my budget? {best to ask before you try it on.}
  • does it fit perfectly?
  • is it well made?
  • will it compliment my wardrobe? {consider snapping a picture on your phone of your wardrobe as a whole. reference it when you’re debating a color or trying to get a good idea of just how many remixing options the piece in question will give you.}
  • do i absolutely love it? is there anything i would change about it? {if the answer is no, you know what to do. now muster up the willpower and do it!}

timeless capsule wardrobe

decisions decisions

fancy western

at this point, there are several factors to consider:

  • what is your budget?
  • how do you want to shop?
  • where do you want to shop?
  • which items are most important to you?
  • how strictly do you want to define your capsule wardrobe?

these questions and the degree to which you answer them will define your capsule wardrobe and give you a shopping plan. since style is personal, everyone’s answers will vary.

below is my thought process if you find it helpful.

  • {what is my budget?} i have $25 a month to utilize. for my first foray into shopping again {only a few days left!} i  also have some gift cards to use.
  • {how do you want to shop?} i want to thrift and find really good deals for my items. if i find a great piece that’s more expensive i’ll consider it, but that will be the exception rather than the rule.
  • {where do you want to shop?} based on my ‘how,’ i’ll start at thrift stores, then head to a few favorite consignment shops and finally, look at stores like forever 21, old navy, gap, and target. for jewelry i’ll stop at charming charlie’s.
  • {the most important items to me} a plain sweater, a gold watch, a layering piece, and a pair of shoes. adding these will give me a huge jump on remixing the pieces i already own. i’ll shop looking for these pieces, but keep an eye out for other items on my list, since it’s rare i find exactly what i’m looking for.
  • {my capsule wardobe defined} i won’t curate my closet to the point where everything goes with absolutely everything. however, i will buy pieces to compliment multiple items i already own, and the additions must be classic and fit impeccably.

timeless capsule wardrobe

making a list & checking it twice

so we’ve pinned and observedpurged our closets, and started our lists.

today, we finish them.

{it’s important to look at your closet as you do this.}

hello closet

ask yourself these questions:

  • is there anything that needs replaced that i don’t have on my list?
  • what are the most common pieces i pinned that i don’t have? {think through tops, bottoms, shoes, and accessories.}
  • do i have one of something that a similar piece would double my remixing options? {maybe this is a sweater you wear frequently or a belt.}
  • is there a color i have a lot of? you can steer clear of this color on your list and/or plan layering pieces that will compliment it. {example: i have a lot of neutral tops: white, gray, black. adding a colored cardigan would give me tons of remixing options.}

add your conclusions to the list. be specific! and don’t be afraid to have a long list. it doesn’t mean you’ll run out and buy all the items immediately. it’s a guide you can use while shopping. referring to it will help curb impulse buys.

i started my list and have let it sit for a few days. as thoughts come to me, i add them. here is my brainstormed list, unedited.


  • black cardigan (i finally threw it out!)
  • delicate silver necklace (the vacuum cleaner ate mine :( )


  • plaid {classic colors}, gingham {pale gray}, & white button ups
  • striped long sleeve tee; small white and black stripes, loose enough to layer easily
  • black turtleneck
  • feminine blouse- white with black polka dots and a tie
  • colored cardigan
  • princess kate dress {fitted and classic}
  • to-the-floor maxi
  • shirt dress
  • vest- fuzzy (or like jcrew)
  • leather jacket
  • coco jacket
  • wide leg jeans
  • nude heels
  • pop of color heels
  • relaxed shoes
  • leopard flats


timeless capsule wardrobe