“Danielle’s” Story

“Danielle’s” Story

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A couple of weekends ago, I got the chance to speak to a group of moms and daughters who are part of the National Charity League. They serve together and do amazing things to impact their community in huge ways. I love that these mamas are instilling those values in their middle and high school age girls!

They’ve been such a blessing to us at Cornerstone already and we’re dreaming up more ways to partner together.

While I was prepping my talk for them that focused on explaining Cornerstone and teaching them a bit about style etiquette, I realized that I’ve done a horrible job of meshing these two huge parts of my life together, but they fit together like puzzle pieces.

Before I started working at Cornerstone, I didn’t realize that people who need help look just like me a lot of the times. Like the mom and her two high school daughters who came to shop at our Donation Center the other week, whose husband and dad is sick, and their medical bills have drained their savings. They’ve done everything right, but they need a little help right now to make ends meet.

But for the grace of God, that could be my family. 

Pre-Cornerstone, I also didn’t realize that sometimes, the things I thought were helping others were really just giving them a temporary solution. They weren’t making a lasting change in a family’s life.

We recently shot this video and it tells the story of Cornerstone so perfectly. God has grown this organization from my friend Jen’s desire to obey Him and her idea to start a clothing closet to an assistance network of individuals, families, businesses, organizations, and churches who pool their time, talent, and money to help families break free of the cycle of poverty (or keep from tumbling into it) for good. We’re growing by leaps and bounds, and we need more hands and feet and dollars.

I hate asking for things, so honestly, many times, I just don’t. But as I’ve seen others ask, I’ve seen God answer and people give. I’ve seen families go from despair to hope, from needing help to giving help, and even though I thought I was helping, I’ve been given so much more than I have been able to contribute.

Last week, I realized that some of you might want to be involved in this, and I haven’t given you the chance to. I’m sorry, and if you want to be involved, we want you to join in! Far be it from me to keep you from blessing others and being blessed!

After all, Greater Than Rubies is about helping you learn how to feel gorgeous and love your closet, style, and body, but underneath that, it’s about learning how to use what we have well, and turning it into something greater.

The thousands of you that read these words have the potential to change people’s lives. As we give thanks today, let’s also bless others. Maybe that’s giving hope to someone like “Danielle,” who shares her story in this video with your time, talent, or money; maybe that’s doing some of your shopping tomorrow and Monday from stores that give back when you buy; maybe it’s encouraging someone sitting next to you at the table today.

There are people all around us that need help. Let’s not let our blessings stay with us, but use them to bless others.

Video by Logos Media for Cornerstone Assistance Network of North Central Texas.

Image via Lara Casey Media. Check out her free downloads page for tons of gorgeous inspirational desktop, iPad, and phone backgrounds.

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