isn’t this the most hilarious picture?

i kind of want one myself.

what is it about superheroes that is so captivating (or is it just me?)? in middle school i was obsessed with wonder woman. in high school, two of my closest friends and i made ourselves sparkly pink capes for super hero theme night (that may or may not have been used on other superhero adventures of our own creation- that’s right, my friends, i was, well…still am if you must know, a huge nerd). now, troy and i love to watch all the superhero movies they’re remaking. would you judge me if i said i wear my scarf as a makeshift cape while we do?

meet a few of my grown up super heroes:

Jesus. he saved me when i couldn’t save myself.

troy. he is my best friend, the most incredible man i know, and has taught me what true love looks like in the way he loves me and others around us.

beth moore. through her Bible studies, she inspires me to love God and His word more every day.

jen. my boss listened when God told her he had a plan and this is what came about as a result.


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