sugarplum competition

over the past few weeks, i’ve started to grow tired of my closet. (again, gosh darn it!)

i didn’t want to limit myself to a certain number of pieces again just yet (although i’m thinking a fall remix challenge is in order!), but i wanted to push myself in some way.

so for the last week, i created outfits that included either red or orange in them. this little experiment pushed me to come up with new combinations of current favorites (like today’s ensemble) as well as mix and match items i haven’t worn in while. (like so.)

i’m happy to report the creative juices are flowing again and i have visions of outfits dancing through my head. better¬†watch out, sugarplums, you’ve got some tough competition.

side note: has anyone ever eaten a sugarplum? they look gross.

pleated poppy

linking up at the pleated poppy for what i wore wednesday!

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