stylish mullets

to be honest, i cannot stop laughing about the title of my post. ( in my own mind, anyway.)

i’m not talking about the hair, my friend, but the hemline.

i really liked learn vest’s hottest spring fashion trends article from last week.

and i thought it was hilarious they called this one a mullet hem. is that really what they’ve named it? greatness.

i don’t have a mullet skirt, so i can’t get in on that trend (unless i go on a cutting spree, but i’m thinking no). however, i will participate in the polka dot one, thank you very much! i also will be rocking more of the color of the year with this shirt, and my pastels are ready to come out of the closet with spring around the corner. (yay!)

for your enjoyment, here is a picture of my mullet blast from the past. (sorry mom. i know you regret it- no hard feelings. i think it’s hilarious now :)

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