Skirting the (Fall Fashion) Issues

Skirting the (Fall Fashion) Issues

Skirting the Issues via Greater Than Rubies

Can I confess something? I sort of hate all the trend reporting going on. Honestly, I don’t even like seeing what’s “new.” Hint: nothing really is. I hate that feeling I get when I’m leafing through the fall style issues (even my beloved J. Crew style guide) that I have to run out and get new pieces to look modern and fresh. Buying new pieces is fun, but you don’t have to constantly shop to look and feel amazing.

Waaaay back when I covered each decade’s style from the 1920’s to today, I realized that every trend we see is recycled. I mean, I always heard that what was in style 20 years ago comes back, but with social media, I think it’s sped way up.

And if you choose wisely, you can buy a few great items and always be in style. Things like:

  • Tailored blouses and tops? 1920’s and on.
  • The peplum? Originated in the 1940’s, but it’s all the rage again.
  • Pencil and a-line skirts? Started in the 1920’s and still going strong.
  • Slim cut pants? Chic from in the 50’s and today.

Sure, the cuts and detailing are sometimes different, but if you stick with classic cuts, you can have items altered and they’ll always be in.

Now, I’m definitely not against adding new things to your closet; I do! I just want to stand on top of a building and shout that you don’t have to buy a bunch of new things all the time to look put together and feel beautiful. I guess that’s what I’m doing with this blog, eh? Ah well, I’m extra passionate about it today. :)

So, my dear, sweet friends, hear me roar: pick wisely, and use those style guides as just that- guides to put together “new” looks from your own closet, and maybe a few new pieces here and there, and you’ll look just as polished and chic- for WAY less moolah.

If you’re thinking, “Ok, great, HOW DO I DO THAT, Caitlin?!” we’re on week 2 of an e-mail subscriber series about how to make your closet work for you. Because so many of you signed up after the first e-mail went out, I’m sharing last week’s kick off here. Read it, and then join my e-mail list on the righthand side of the page (under ‘Free Guide + E-mail Tips ->) to get the second one going out tomorrow morning. I’ll walk you step by step through a few of my best tips!

PS I realize this post is super anti normal style blogger programming, but I want to be honest with you and encourage you to pick and choose what you want to add to your closet…not feel fed up and frustrated with it and like the only thing that will fix that is to buy more. That’s a lie that I used to buy into and I spent a lot of money and time feeling guilty that I wish I would have been able to avoid.

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  • Maricel @ My Closet Catalogue September 3, 2014 at 8:52 AM

    It’s actually been refreshing and liberating not to be tethered by the trends this season. I have yet to look at a single catalogue and I’m still deleting all my emailed ads without even clicking. I think I even missed the BOGOs at Payless and Target during Back to School! Yay for 90-Day spending Fast! I was tempted once with a pair of shoes that I wanted/needed to get in a different color when I found they fit and felt so fine on my feet, but I just have to resist, right?

    • Caitlin Author September 6, 2014 at 12:51 PM

      Yes! I’m so proud of you, Maricel. The beginning is one of the hardest parts, and resisting your first round of big sales is a HUGE accomplishment. One day at a time, my friend! :)

  • Becky @ bybmg September 3, 2014 at 9:02 AM

    I appreciate you being a voice of rarity around here! I’m tired of the “buy or cry” mantras some online shops have!

    • Caitlin Author September 6, 2014 at 12:53 PM

      Thanks Becky! A lot of them have great stuff, and I understand them needing to make a living. I just want to be in a healthier spot myself of not feeling like I need things or have to have this or that. I don’t. It’s a want, and there are lots more important things. I want to add wisely and love what I have but not live in crazy excess like I’ve been guilty of in the past.

  • Heather Wyancko September 8, 2014 at 1:24 PM

    Hi Caitlin!

    I’m thrilled I found your blog! Your words (‘wants aren’t needs’, ‘fashion remixing’, ‘nothing is new’) are after my own heart and it puts a smile on my face to see you ‘sing the truth’ with such grace and beauty.

    Heather Wyancko

    • Caitlin Author September 10, 2014 at 6:01 PM

      Heather! I’m so glad you did, too! Thanks for your encouraging words. Looking forward to getting to know you!

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