singing of spring

as i looked at this outfit, i kept singing to myself, “spring is here…the spring is here!” and couldn’t figure out where the tune in my head was from. until it came to me.

in other news, my first project of the weekend was a closet organization and springification. i brought out all my sandals, shorts, and tank tops. i know it’s too early to wear most of them but i couldn’t help myself!

first up? shoes. they all got a cleaning (i used some tips from rachel’s thrifted shoe cleaning post and some from this article by the budget fashionista). then i reorganized them to make my spring and summer shoes more prominent.

peep toes are the perfect way to transition from closed toed footwear to sandals. i reach for them when i really want warmer weather but it’s not quite here yet.

one of my favorite pairs of sandals was looking a little sad, so i used some hot glue and my chip clips to make them as good as new.

next, i cleaned out my jewelry and reorganized my display. (the frame is a refashion i made from the attic.) i love visual organization and this helps ensure that i don’t forget a piece that’s stuffed in the back of a drawer.

my scarves got shuffled around so the springiest are front and center. in my wardrobe, scarves are a spring staple. they add color and depth to an outfit as well as warmth but can easily be taken off and tied around my purse handle if i get too hot.

finally, i pulled out all the spring and summer clothes (most of which were brighter colors) and fed them into the mix. yay for more remixing choices!  

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  • Janessa March 9, 2012 at 10:03 AM

    Love the scarf! So springy and just completes the outfit.

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