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i must say i’ve had more than a few moments of asking myself why in the world i thought it was a good idea to start a style blog when i’ve limited myself to shopping my own closet for a year. the saying that comparison kills joy is true. as i browse my favorite blogs or look at pinterest, it’s so easy to compare my current closet to others’ and become dissatisfied. to keep my thoughts in perspective (hello, caitlin, first world ‘problem’!) i went back through my outfit pictures and picked out some of the recent trends i’ve been able to recreate. truly, i think i’ve recreated every single one that i really like- with something that i already have in my closet!

favorite trends that i’ve recreated from my wardrobe within the last month (or two):


  • i’ve only seen the peplum on skirts, but here’s my shirt version. that counts, right?

flowered bottoms

  • i have no flowered pants, but i do have a skirt!

colored jeans

  • i supposed black is really color-less (color-full?), but these are my new favorite bottoms. especially since i dyed them.

under-collar necklaces

  • i’ve only done this once so far but i really like the look.


and finally, the white blazer. i think i’ve reached for it every other day this week. it may be cold(ish) here in texas, but i will look like spring!

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  • Audrey @ Putting Me Together March 24, 2012 at 12:27 PM

    I love white blazers! I love almost all blazers haha.

    It’s crazy how seeing clothes/trends on a blog can make you instantly reach for the “new” and “fresh” feeling. The challenge you’re doing shows that if we take one little step and THINK before we act on impulse we could save a lot of money (not to mention help root out materialism from our hearts). Think of all the money you’ve saved so far!!

    • Caitlin March 25, 2012 at 12:33 PM

      That is true! I have saved quite a bit of money. And a lot of guilt, because I almost always went a little over on my clothing budget. Thanks for the encouragement, Audrey!

      And I hear you on blazers. If I wasn’t doing the challenge I might have one in every color. :)

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