Shop Your Closet Winter Remix Week 2

Shop Your Closet Winter Remix Week 2

Back in the day, when I would only wear an outfit one way, I remember telling my college roommate, “I don’t like plain things. They don’t feel special enough.” Her response was so wise and I wish it had penetrated my thick skull back then, “I love plain things because they give you so many options to mix and match.”

I’ve come to realize that basics and special pieces are equally important in a versatile wardrobe. It’s hard to have all of one category and feel put together. But you don’t want to swing too wildly in either direction or you’ll be left feeling like you have nothing to wear.

Usually, I write a post and don’t think much about it after that. But last week’s, “You have nice clothes, so wear them,” kept ringing in my head. As I thought about it, I realized that most of the looks in my week 1 recap are my casual/weekend style. They feel a little “unspecial” because they’re basics, but I like the way they look and they still feel like me. They’re just not always me.

For a long time, I almost always dressed in feminine, super girly looks. It made me feel put together. But I started to realize I didn’t have a good casual style. Honestly, it was hard for me to pay for “boring” things like a black tee, until I started to realize these pieces could look fancy or casual depending on what I paired them with. If you’re in the same fancy pants boat, the pieces from last week (a khaki jacket, super soft tee, black crew neck, and plaid button up in particular) are crazy-versatile and can work for weekend style or be dressed up.

My goal is to prove that during the rest of this remix! Even though I’m shopping the rest of my closet to put together looks around my 8 pieces, I’m trying to use every “addition” at least twice so you can see that you don’t have to have a lot of pieces to create a bunch of unique looks.

So, how was your week?? Have you learned anything about your style? If you’re remixing, what looks did you create, and how are you feeling about them? Link up and comment below! (If you’re just joining us, the remix and giveaway details are below, too!)

Week 2 Shop Your Closet Remix

Greater Than Rubies

A dress that can masquerade as a skirt (or a top) is a great piece to have in your arsenal!
Greater Than Rubies

This may be a winter remix, but it’s been in the 70’s here lately (yay!) so I went for bare legs, but stuck to the riding boots to keep it wintery-feeling. I also threw in a little pattern play with the leopard belt.
Greater Than Rubies

The J. Crew cuff is one of my favorites, but I’ve been rocking the double cuff lately (like the next photo). Here’s a how-to video for both ways to style your pants. Greater Than Rubies

I never saw myself as a beanie girl until Kendi dressed me in one for West & Lou. Now it’s my go-to for a bad hair day. Nervous about wearing one? (Or anything that’s new-to-you?) Test it by wearing it to the grocery store. If no one throws tomatoes at you, and you don’t die of embarrassment, you’re golden.Greater Than Rubies

This almost-pattern-mix is my latest comfy combo fave.Greater Than Rubies

If I really like an outfit, I’ll try to recreate it with similar pieces. That was the case with swapping my white tank out for the blush one here. I like the warmer color scheme.

PS I should have cuffed these jeans so they didn’t puddle. This can make you look short and stumpy instead of long and lean. Cuffing or flipping the edge under takes care of a pair that are a little longer. Greater Than Rubies

This might be my favorite of the week. I want to wear it over and over again.
Greater Than Rubies

I’ve been wanting to mix a casual striped top with the dressier fur for a while,
and I like how this one turned out.

Now, let’s see your looks!

PS Don’t forget to ask your questions, share your outfits, and tell us what you’re learning on the GTR Facebook page or by using the hashtag #shopyourclosetremix on social media.

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