Shop Your Closet Winter Remix: The Pieces

Shop Your Closet Winter Remix: The Pieces

Shop Your Closet Remix

When I first learned how to cook in college, I stuck to the few recipes I knew and had them on heavy rotation.

Ok…the one thing I knew how to cook was on constant rotation!

I could still eat southwest chicken casserole every day of my life, but poor Troy had it so much during our dating and newlywed days that unless we have a bunch of people coming over to eat it, he tries so politely to cover his grimace for my sake. :)

If you don’t know how to put together outfits and wear the exact same things over and over again, you can start to feel tired of them, just like Troy did with my casserole. 

Now that I’ve learned how to cook using a bunch of different recipes, I’ve gotten comfortable enough I’ll make tweaks or change out ingredients or even come up with my own creation, like our favorite sushi bowls.

But at the beginning, I followed every recipe to the t, and if I didn’t have an ingredient I wouldn’t make the dish, for fear of ending up with some horrible dinner that we had to eat because our food envelope was empty and waiting for next month’s cash.

Putting together outfits can be like following a recipe. When you first start out, you tend to only pair things the way you saw them on the mannequin or in a magazine so you don’t put something together that bombs. But if you keep practicing, you probably start feeling a little braver and branch out to recreate a look you found on Pinterest or saw on a blog. You might still hold back from creating any looks that you don’t have the exact pieces for, but you’re making progress. It’s when you get even more comfortable that it gets really fun- you start to think outside the box and use looks as a jumping off point to create outfits that fit you and your life, and your style starts to show up. 

You are amazing and unique, and your style can help you feel that way and give others a sneak peak into your personality.

The Shop Your Closet Remix is all about helping you refine your style, whether you’re just starting out or hold the title of gourmet chef when it comes to putting together outfit recipes.

Today’s link up is totally optional, but one of my favorites. The pieces are like the ingredients of the outfit recipes we’ll be putting together this month. I love seeing the potential in everyone’s choices!

If you’re new to remixing, you might be nervous one of your outfit recipes will go up in flames. Honestly? It probably will. Every remix I put together outfits I don’t love or even like, but I always learn something new and have a better sense of how to make what I have work by the end of the challenge. 

But we’re not just throwing you into the fire on your own, either. Ask your questions, share your outfits, and tell us what you’re learning on the GTR Facebook page or by using the hashtag #shopyourclosetremix on social media. We’re here to help!

Alright, before we share our pieces, here are the details on the giveaways for the remix:

There will be 5 chances to win.

At the end of the remix, one winner will be picked at random from each week’s link up (February 9, 16, 23, and March 2).

To qualify, share your looks for the week and link back to Greater Than Rubies from your post/Pinterest board/IG photo.

These weekly prizes are such fun things!

For your final chance to win, submit an e-mail to me by March 9 telling me about your experience this month. You’ll be entered to win a membership to Hello, Gorgeous! Fun, right? Ah! I’m so excited about this. All winners will be announced on Wednesday, March 11th.

Ok, let’s get linking! When you’re finished, if you’re on Instagram, I’d love for you to share a photo of yourself, tell us a little about yourself and why you’re doing the remix, and use the hashtag #shopyourclosetremix. I’ll start!

I chose to use one of each basic piece for my remix:

  1. A tank;
  2. A tee;
  3. A long sleeve top;
  4. A completer piece;
  5. Another completer piece (in place of shorts because it’s COLD!);
  6. A skirt;
  7. A dress;
  8. And a pair of pants.

Every day, I have to wear at least one of these pieces, but I’ll shop my closet for the rest of the look.

Shop Your Closet Pieces

Let’s see your pieces!

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The Shop Your Closet link up schedule:

  • Monday, February 2: The Pieces (totally optional!)
  • Monday, February 9: Looks 1-7ish
  • Monday, February 16: Looks 8-14ish
  • Monday, February 23: Looks 15-21ish
  • Monday, March 2: Looks 22-28ish

Shop Your Closet Remix Links:

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  • Amy G February 3, 2015 at 4:38 PM

    I like your creative approach! Last week was horrible at work so my brain was preoccupied and I never figured out how I wanted to approach the challenge, so I’m not really doing anything specific right now. Picking out pieces and talking pictures just sounded like a chore so I didn’t do it. Maybe I’ll do something like this, or maybe do a mini one for the second half of the month or something? I don’t know. It will be fun to follow along anyway!

    • Caitlin Author February 6, 2015 at 9:12 AM

      Sounds great, Amy! Make it work for you. :)

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