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Hey hey, sweet friend!

We’re on to outfit #2 today- and it will make whatever work you do more fun!

Let’s look at how to dress for the job + dreams you want to make happen!


Shop your closet for outfit #2! 

  1. Watch this video.
  2. Put together an outfit with pieces you LOVE but feel like are for a “special” day or occasion.

Use those pieces to feel amazing no matter what your day holds + pump you up to take a few tiny action steps toward those things you’ve always wanted to do!

Don’t forget to ask yourself what you like about this outfit + why and jot down your answers!

Share your outfit with us (or ask a question!) in the Facebook group! Or share your look on social media with the #pieceofcakecloset hashtag!

You’re doing an amazing job!


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P.S. As a little bonus, here are a couple of questions we get all the time from ladies in the corporate world:

Is there a rule for what length of blazers go with what types of tops or pants?

  • Not really; it’s more of a personal preference. Personally, I have some cropped blazers and some that are longer. If I’m going to tuck my top, I do a longer blazer. If I leave the shirt untucked, I pair it with a cropped version, like the outfit in today’s post. Just be sure you’re covering your rear! :)

Can you mix and match suits?

  • Yes! Unless you’re in a super conservative corporate environment, feel free to mix and match. Just be careful the colors aren’t close enough it looks like you were trying to match but missed the mark. I usually pair different neutrals (like camel and black) or a neutral with a color (jewel tones are classic and flatter every complexion!).

P.P.S. For all you ladies getting ready to start a new (or first!) job or make a career transition, we’ve got a little something up our sleeves for you coming next Friday!!

P.P.P.S. In case you’re just joining us (we’re so glad you’re here!!), click below to catch up on the fun!

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