sharing gone wrong

sharing most things is great. when it comes to germs…not so much. my poor husband has been sick since sunday and now i am, too. i’m going to go drink some more emergen-c and have some soup. i hope you all have a wonderful evening.

ps in case you’re wondering, i did not wear this today. no one needs to see pictures of my high water purdue sweats and grungy sweatshirt. that might make you sick and we don’t want that.

pps when i wore this i felt a little like a modern-day mrs. cleaver. she reminds me of jill¬†from good life in this picture. let’s be honest…classy never goes out of style.

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  • lifeofascalf January 25, 2012 at 4:18 PM

    Yes to Mrs. Cleaver. But I love it! I’m recruiting you as my assistant personal shopper. Let me me know when you’re available ;) PS… I hope we didn’t make you sick, but we aren’t/weren’t sick, so that wouldn’t make sense really, but still hopefully we didn’t make you sick. (sorry for the run-on sentce).

    • Caitlin January 25, 2012 at 7:31 PM

      You crack me up. I don’t know where we got it, but we both have different things- hope y’all don’t end up sick!

      And I would LOVE to be your personal shopper : ) Let’s make it happen.

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