rrrrrresolutions…they’re grrrreat

did you read the title in a tony the tiger voice? if not, go back and do it. it’ll make your whole day a whole lot better. especially if you’re somewhere you shouldn’t be talking, much less talking like a giant orange tiger.

i’m one of those weirdos that loves new year’s resolutions. but hey, i love rules of any sort, so really, what can you expect?

here are a few of mine for the year:

  • numero uno. my mom and i are doing the living proof ministries/beth moore memorization challenge with thousands of other ladies. we’ll memorize 2 verses a month using our spiral notebooks, then use them as a ticket into the big january bash in 2013.
  • numero dos. i will grow a garden in pots in my side yard.
  • numero tres. what began as a half-year resolution has been extended to a full year resolution. that’s right; kat and i have decided not to shop for an entire year, but remix only what we have. we’ll save the money we would have spent on ourselves and then give it to organizations/things we feel like God is telling us to at the end of this whole shebang. take a look at the reason we decided to take on a bigger challenge.

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