replacements (day 33)

since poor blackie died, i’ve done a lot of thinking, and i believe it’s time for a replacement-only trip.

at the beginning of this year, kat and i made a deal: items that wear out naturally are allowed to be replaced. “accidental” damage- such as dumping a bowl of spaghetti on our laps or purposely spilling ink on a shirt negates the replacement.

my plans:

  • a black sweater that drapes well unbuttoned.
  • a pair of black flats. (the confetti has only gotten worse.)
  • a pair of neutral sandals. (this pair is a few wears away from ripping right out of the base.)

so there you have it. i’m telling you my plans so there’s less temptation to break the rules. :)

ps before i leave, i just have to say kat is the best. she dropped off blackie junior on my desk at work yesterday. she’s such a sweet friend!

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