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because pinterest basically dresses me and inspires me to rework garments, i’ve started a remixing inspiration board. i’m planning to post remix photos, garment care, diy’s and more there!

i may be overly excited about it, but it’s been a surprisingly easy transition to change my thinking from viewing pinterest as a giant ‘wish list’ to a place of inspiration. instead of using it to come up with a list of everything i don’t have but want, i look at it as a springboard to styling things i have in fresh new ways.

let me tell you it is (a lot!) cheaper to keep up and even modify what i have rather than running out to buy new. it’s more fun, too. i feel so accomplished when someone comments on a piece that i’ve remade.

that being said, what have you remixed? show me and i may add it to the board!

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  • Merrick April 6, 2012 at 8:59 PM

    I so agree that pinterest can turn into a wish list if you’re not careful! But good for you for making it a good and inspirational place. I try to do the same!

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