Rachel’s Style & What She’s Making Happen! + A New Mama Style Guide Flash Sale!

Happy Sunday, lady!

How’s your weekend going? We are in full Christmas swing here- finishing Christmas cards, making goodies for a family get together today + wrapping up presents!

But I wanted to take a break and introduce you to one of my dearest friends in the whole world!

Rachel is an absolute gem, and we met at the Making Things Happen Conference last year. It was in North Carolina, so when we realized we only lived an hour away from each other back in Texas, we were tickled pink!

We’ve gotten together almost every month since then, and her heart and wisdom have been the biggest blessing- I know they will be to you, too!

Here’s a little bit about Rachel!

Hi y’all! My name is Rachel Anne Hopper, and I am a wife, mom, friend, encourager, and a believer living life with an attitude of grace, gratitude and grit.

I have a wonderful family, strong and beautiful friends, and I love my work as a college administrator.

I was born in Iowa, raised in Missouri and after completing graduate school in South Carolina, I finally found my roots in Texas.

How would you describe your style?

I like to say my style is contemporary classic.

I feel great in classic pieces, like a white button up with tan blazer or a ruffled shirt with a cardigan.

I also pull some contemporary pieces into my outfits, like my leopard prints or a statement necklace.

My clothing choices make me feel like the real me, and sometimes that even means that Saturdays are spent with my white sneakers and Patagonia pullover!

How did you figure out your style?

This was always hard for me to answer until I chatted more with Caitlin! She helped me define my style after asking what pieces make up my monthly attire.

I also asked her opinion on what she thought my style may lend towards. Classic is what we came to the conclusion on!

How do you make a look feel like you? Is there anything you add or look for?

I love when Texas dips below 60 degrees (which is only like 13 days of the year :)), because I can grab my favorite vest to throw on with my outfit. I instantly feel more like myself.

During the warmer seasons, I enjoy accessorizing with a necklace or earrings.

What’s your favorite go-to outfit for a quick polished look?

A favorite outfit for me is my camel colored turtleneck with black or dark jeans and my leopard flats. I usually add a statement necklace to my outfit. I feel comfortable and confident in it.

What’s your favorite style trick?

I enjoy the front tuck on shirts when I want to show a bit of my belt off with my outfits.

Where’s your favorite place to shop?

J. Crew and Loft.

What are your three fave pieces and why?

  1. My camel turtleneck. It’s versatile for work or on a Saturday afternoon with the family!
  2. My leopard print belt. Leopard is a neutral, and I love wearing my belt with lots of fun tops and pants.
  3. My white jeans and winter white cords. I know I am old fashioned here, but I don’t wear my white jeans before Memorial Day or after Labor Day. So I break them out for my favorite outfits during the summer- always with a pop of a bright color or a classic navy top. Then, during the fall and winter, I wear my winter white corduroys with soft neutrals.
  4. My VESTS! You asked me for three favorite pieces, but I had to add a fourth one on here. My friends laugh when they see how many vests I own, but I love a good vest! It can be a quilted, classic vest or one that I throw on over my workout attire. It’s a piece that is definitely me.

What pieces are tricky for you to find and how do you get around that?

I’m tall, and it can be hard to find dresses or skirts that hit at a comfortable length for me. So if I see something I like in a store, but it’s a little short for me, I always check online for tall options for purchasing. (A little note from Caitlin: this is a great trick for any special sizing!)

I will usually buy dresses that can be worn for multiple occasions, including work. That means an appropriate length has to be both professional and comfortable, so my pieces are usually a little longer. That’s also helpful because I am consistently bending down to spend time with my little girl.

Has having your style figured out made it easier to make what matters to you happen? How?

During the pregnancy with my daughter, I had a hard time with clothing options. Any pregnant woman can tell you that pregnancy and post pregnancy are some of the hardest times of clothing transitions– some pieces work, but others don’t fit the same way they used to, and what fits today may not work next week- especially during the first few months after delivery!

So, during a major closet clean out a few months ago, I kept several pieces that are my transition pieces for motherhood seasons. I may not feel the best about my body during those times, but I know I can make the most of the clothing I do have.

Outside of the tricky motherhood transition times, I feel great about my clothing choices, and planning my outfits saves me time in the morning to get focused on what is truly important.

What are you passionate about making happen?

I truly want every bit of my life to point back to God’s glory. I’ve been blessed with a great family, career, friendships and talents. It’s important to me that I honor these areas and serve well where I’ve been placed.

I want to cultivate a strong foundation with my husband so that all other things can be built from it.

I want to create a home where my family can laugh loud and love hard.

I want to use my talents well so others see God’s ability to create a masterpiece from each of us.

I want to love others well so they feel cared about and loved- we are meant to walk together in community.

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