partial tuck tips

good morning, my friends!

yesterday i partially tucked my shirt. i may have discovered a fool-proof way to do that well. (i may be the only one that’s struggled with that, but i’ll share anyway. if you’re an amazing tucker, please weigh in!) in the past, i’ve just put my shirt on over my skirt and then tried to stuff the fabric into the waistband. it worked well enough, but never looked quite the way i wanted it to.

when i got dressed yesterday, i had planned to wear the blouse fully tucked. i didn’t really like the look though, so i pulled the fabric from the back of the skirt out and voila! the sides draped perfectly. i think the fabric helped with that…it’s floaty and delicious. (fabric can be delicious, right? i vote yes.) i don’t know how well it will work with a cotton t-shirt, but i’m sure going to give it a go.

and there you have it! partial tucking of the shirt, 101. i should be a teacher.

ps i’m pretty sure there’s a gynastic move called the partial tuck. come back tomorrow for tips on that.*

*unless i injure myself from trying to do one. then you can visit me at the hospital.

    pleated poppy

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