packing according to pinterest works…too bad i didn’t listen

i told you yesterday i packed according to pinterest. i should have. it would have actually worked.   i could have created several outfits i really liked from the few pieces that i took.

it’s the comfortable and functional footwear advice i didn’t listen to. i’ve always tended to lean toward looking cute instead of being comfy, so i wore my boots for a family picture then to take a walk. normally that wouldn’t be a problem, but i forgot my in-laws are the adventurous type. (there’s a sign in the garden of the gods that says “do not climb here” because my mother-in-law twisted and broke her ankle on their “walk” there.)

so we hiked 2 miles around a lake on pebbly roads and let me tell you my feet were barking afterward.

do feet really bark? if they do, which type of dog do they sound like? yorkshire terrier or st. bernard-esque? maybe it varies according to person like the saying that people look like their dogs. let’s go with that. mine bark loudly and deeply.

i digress. above is what i wore during our mini family reunion yesterday.


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