One Men’s Suit, Five Ways + How You Can Hack The Strategies For Yourself

One Men’s Suit, Five Ways + How You Can Hack The Strategies For Yourself

Men's suit five ways. Photo by Katie Soyka Photography for McKinney Image Magazine

Image by Katie Soyka Photography for McKinney Image Magazine

Because our goal is helping you create a purposeful closet to free up time and resources to make what matters to you happen, this spring we’ll share a couple ways the guys in your life can do the same!

Today, let’s look at one men’s suit, five ways + how you can borrow the strategies to put together new outfits yourself!

My husband had his modeling debut in this month’s McKinney Magazine! Isn’t he handsome?! :) Click here and flip to page 30 to see all five outfits!

Here are 5 ways you can use the same ideas to remix your own pieces- whether they’re casual or business attire:

  1. Use elements of color, texture, pattern, and shine to add your own personality into an outfit– whether it’s for a day of running errands (this will help you feel more put together) or a full on suit (and you want to feel more like you!).
  2. Reach for accessories (instead of a pocket square, try a scarf or a piece of jewelry) and vary the way you wear them. Tie a scarf a new way (finally put your Pinterest scarf pins to work!), layer several bracelets together, or tuck your necklace under your collar instead of wearing it over the top.
  3. Layer pieces different ways. Try a collared blouse under a thin knit sweater. Add a jacket. Lose the sweater so you just have the blouse + jacket. Trade the jacket for a cardigan. Button a different number of buttons of your cardigan. The combinations are endless! Play with different combinations and wear the ones you like the most.
  4. Pair dressier pieces with more casual items for fun new combinations– especially on the weekend! Try a blazer with your boyfriend jeans + a tee, a lace or embellished skirt with a simple sweater, or a dress with a pair of booties.
  5. Use these outfit formulas to shop your closet for a variety of new-to-you outfits, or as a super versatile packing list!

Happy remixing, Gems! And if there’s a guy in your life who could use this cheat sheet, send it his way!


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