my pants dyed

these pants are a favorite of mine, but they were looking like the 80’s came to visit. i took this outfit picture probably a month ago and didn’t even post it because i couldn’t hide the fading with photo editing anymore. (that’s when you know you should stop wearing them in real life.)

well, what’s a girl to do with a perfectly good (albeit faded) pair of pants when she can’t buy any clothes for another 9 months? let them sit in the back of her closet? no way. i picked up a packet of dye for a few dollars and got to work!

  1. i boiled a ridiculous amount of hot water (3 gallons to be exact).
  2. while the water boiled, i gathered my supplies: the directions, a 5 gallon bucket, rubber gloves, the dye, and a stirrer (i used a broken stainless steel spatula so i wouldn’t have to worry if it stained, but it’s truly stainless, my friends. no dye stuck.)
  3. i prepared the dye in my measuring cup with a shish-kebob stick.
  4. i reread the directions (a thousand times or so) to be sure i was doing it correctly.
  5. next step: i added the dye to the water and stir to create the dye bath.
  6. then i’m pretty sure i stirred my arm completely off. the directions said to constantly stir it for 10-30 minutes. i went with 10 minutes, because it was starting to hurt.
  7. after that, i rinsed the pants until the water ran clear and threw them in the washer on warm. after the cycle, i dried them and that was that!

they look a thousand times better! i think the next time i do this i’ll either stir them in the dye for a longer time period or just let them sit a few minutes longer because they could be darker. but all in all, i’m really pleased with the way they turned out!

now i’m contemplating dying an old pair of blue jeans a new color. over coffee yesterday, my brilliant friends lauren and kat suggested bleaching the jeans first, so i’m off to research that!

have a lovely sunday! oh and come back tomorrow for an ‘after’ picture.

linking up to freckled laundry’s weekly textile party! visit today’s post to find lots of other fabric-related crafts!

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  • Shannah @ Just Us Four March 18, 2012 at 3:08 PM

    You are way braver than I am. I am always terrified of dyeing things for fear that I will end up color myself some random color.

    • Caitlin March 22, 2012 at 4:06 PM

      Ha! I totally hear you. I remembered to wear gloves at the last second and I’m so glad that I did. My hands would have looked VERY strange. :)

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