my new shoes

did my title make you think i bought a new pair of shoes? well, i didn’t. (nine and a half more months to go!)

i did refashion an old pair, though, and they feel brand new. i’m pretty sure i won’t be taking them off umm…ever. here’s how i did it:

  1. before the makeover, they were just a beaten up pair of black heels from target. i didn’t even bother to wipe them down.
  2. i taped off the tips and stuffed paper towel in the toes. (why, you ask? i’m not sure. it just felt right.) then i gave them a few coats of indoor/outdoor spray paint.
  3. a little paint seeped through the tape, so i used a sharpie to fix the lines.
  4. my new shoes! what do you think?

what i love most about this project is that i was able to make a current trend out of something i already had.

over the course of the year, i want to continue to think along this vein and train myself to:

  1. love what i have.
  2. re-imagine and/or refashion those pieces.
  3. maybe buy what i want. because let’s face it- it’s a want, not a need.

ps i linked up to a glimpse inside to show off my new shoes. click here for oodles of great diy projects, recipes, and more! (unless now is an inconvenient time to become hungry or have craft ideas consuming your thoughts.)

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