mud and diamonds

my weekend consisted mostly of mud and diamonds.

troy and hunter successfully completed the tough mudder (they ran 12 miles and completed 22 obstacles along the way). what?! i know. i married a stud.

jaci and i went along to watch and while we expected (and dressed to) watch, we followed hunter’s mom and sister through the entire course (exaggeration? yes. but that’s definitely what it felt like.) to watch our manly men.

if you ever are a spectator to any kind of adventure race, take it from me: dress like you’re going to participate. flip flops are a definite no-no.

{and this was just from walking around the registration area. eww.}

now for the diamond part. hunter asked jaci to marry him at bloom while they were here this weekend! we are so excited for them!!


congratulations, you two! we’re so blessed that we got to be a part of your special weekend. love you guys!

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