most of the time

i may have copied the perfect weekend look. it was comfortable, cozy, and i felt like a movie star. can you tell from this picture?

it captures what i think movie stars do when they walk around: toss their hair and look like they don’t care while wearing sunglasses and carrying a purse satchel big enough to fit their dog house in. but enough about that. i promised you the last five myths so here they are! (if you have no idea what i’m talking about, read this.)

day time and sequins (wntw’s tip)
blazer & top: forever 21. jeans: clothes mentor. wedges: target (gift).
i don’t think i ever knew sequins were a no-no for daywear. i love me some sparkles! it just lights up my day (and yours, too, right?).

short women and long dresses (wntw’s tip)
i tried to shrink myself to show you this myth but unfortunately that’s not really been working out so well.

bold colors at once (wntw’s tip)
blouse & skirt: thrifted. heels: dsw.
i’m a little obsessed with the red and pink color combo right now. i realized it when i saw how many of my outfits had red and pink in them for my guest post at putting me together.

matching purse and shoes (wntw’s tip)
sweater: maurice’s. blouse: charlotte russe. jeans: clothes mentor. purse: gift.
pretty sure i’ve never done the matchy matchy thing but here’s proof.

white after labor day (wntw’s tip)
blazer: forever 21. sweater: old navy. scarf: jcrew. jeans: clothes mentor. boots: charlotte russe. if i could wear my wedding dress every day i would. here are some more (realistic) ways to wear white during winter/heading into spring:

i’ve decided that breaking fashion rules is a good thing most of the time. what about you? do you follow any of the rules from today or yesterday? have you been inspired to break them? tell me your secrets! just be forewarned…i may steal them to make new outfit creations of my own!

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  • Christina Sabourin February 27, 2012 at 10:43 AM

    I have THE hardest time with white pants/shoes after Labor Day in non-tropical areas. At 35, I was told I was so old to think that way… But I think it’s more about being raised by old southern ladies. :)

  • Caitlin February 27, 2012 at 5:23 PM

    Christina- thanks for sharing! I don’t think it’s old to think that way at all- it’s been an accepted rule for many years. I envy your Southern upbringing- I always secretly wanted to be a southern belle! :)

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