Meet A Gem! Steph’s Story + A Workwear Style Guide Flash Sale!

Happy Wednesday, lady!

I hope you’re having the best week this week!!

Do you ever struggle with feeling like “you” in work clothes?

It’s SUPER easy to get stuck in a “black pants” rut with workwear, where you default to a few pieces day in and day out because you know they work.

But just like we talked about a few weeks ago, we want to help you dress in a way that makes work more fun, and pumps you up so you can get further, faster! 

We’re so excited to share a little bit of Steph’s story today! She followed the super simple GTR Recipe to start building a closet and style she loves! 

  1. She created a strategy + set her goal: to use a birthday shopping trip to revamp her “frumpy” work wardobe.
  2. She learned how to shop her closet really well using the Workwear Style Guide, and figured out the pieces she could add to make her style feel more like her!
  3. Then, she shopped for those pieces + check out the results! She did an absolutely amazing job!

Here’s a little bit about Steph!

I’m Steph and I’m a staff accountant by day and a full-time business student by night. In my free time, I enjoy reading, listening to true crime podcasts and I am a part time Beachbody Coach.


What do you want to make more of happen?

I would love to read and travel more! I would also like to run my own business, but I’m not sure what kind yet!


Where are you in your style journey?

I would say I’m in a transition to wearing a wardrobe that not only suits my life right now but who I am as an individual.

I started working out consistently this past summer and my body has been changing and I have not known what to wear anymore.

My clothes need to help me be taken professionally in the office I work in, but not make me look like I am wearing my mom’s clothes, pretending to be an adult.

They need to make me feel comfortable and confident.

My current style is young professional/quirky and I like to consider my at home style “bad-a-chic” but that’s a work in progress!


What would you say to ladies who want to revamp their work wardrobe?

Go into this process with grace.

I somehow missed learning how to match when I was younger, so I picked a few colors that go together and tried to stay with those. I went with burgundy, light blue, black and gray. It makes me feel confident that even if my clothes don’t match they still “go.”

Go through your closet and pick out the pieces you haven’t worn together (or ever!) and see if you can make an outfit out of it. Be playful with the process!

I know this might sound weird, but wearing a cardigan and feeling pulled together is the BEST feeling and I didn’t know I was missing it until I tried it.


If you’re busy and want a fun + easy-to-use roadmap to help you build or update your wardrobe, here’s what Steph had to say about the Workwear Style Guide!

It was exactly what I was looking for. Simple, clear directions on how to look professional without super scripted rules that make you feel like you are living in a box. 

The internet is great for telling you what to buy, but I need to know why so that I can understand what it is I’m looking for and how to make that suit the style I want to present.

I went shopping with a list of items I was interested in and going to the store was a lot less stressful than before. I left confident in my purchases, a total first!

The Workwear Style Guide helps me have more confidence in myself, which allows me to be more open to trying new things and getting out there!


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