Meet a Gem! Heidi’s Story + A 40+ Style Guide Flash Sale!

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One of my favorite things about Greater Than Rubies is that I’ve gotten to hear from so many of you! Thousands of you, from all over the world have been brave enough to share the thing you’re struggling with when it comes to style so that we can help you get past that and make more of the things that really matter to you happen! I just love it!!

One of the things you’ve told us over and over again is that it’s hard to figure out how to dress stylishly yet age-appropriately…especially over forty!

That’s how the 40+ Style Guide was born! We wanted to create a resource that specifically addressed the challenges of finding (or tweaking!) your personal style after age forty.

To make sure it was exactly what you (or the awesome 40+ lady in your life!) needed, we asked some of you to help us along the way!

Heidi is one of the lovely ladies who previewed the 40+ Style Guide! We loved getting to know her better, and asked her to share her story with you!

Here’s a little bit about Heidi!

I am a 40-something who loves fashion, coffee, candy and Jesus! I live in the Midwest and enjoy traveling and planning our next vacation.

I discovered Greater Than Rubies a few years ago on Pinterest and have followed Caitlin ever since! I love that she is resourceful and limits her spending by using what she already has.

What do you want to make more of happen?

I would like to free up my time and money to be able to save for more traveling. Eventually, I would like to take my teen daughter on a mission trip to Africa with our church!

Where are you in your style journey?

My style journey is ever-evolving. I am a mother and work in an office setting, and like to make sure I am age-appropriate but fun too!

My current style is classic mixed with a dash of trendy. I love a great dress, but will also throw on a blanket scarf and boots with it.

I love to bargain shop, but need to be better at using what I already have!

What would you tell a friend about the 40+ Style Guide?

When I heard about the 40+ Style Guide I jumped at the chance to participate! It ties in so well with my blog and lifestyle. It’s an age group that is missed!

Most of my friends are in the late thirties to forties age group. We all want to look great, but not dress like our grandmother or teen daughter! This guide is a wonderful place to start. It’s promoting using what you already have but in a refined way.

The guide has really helped me put things in perspective. While looking your best is great, it is also helping me save time and money for bigger opportunities!

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