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all my friends are having the most adorable little babies right now and making sure they don’t have to cook for several weeks is a must!

i tested out a couple of different meal coordinating websites and found my favorite: meal train.

favorite features:

  • it’s free. {holla!}
  • it’s easy to sign up, and will keep you signed in for several weeks. {no need to remember¬†another password.}
  • it doesn’t ask for the parents’ life story to start the train. {before you start, make sure you have the contact e-mail, phone, address, and any likes/dislikes, as well as their preferred time for dropping off food.}
  • you make the schedule, and there’s a link to send it out to anyone who wants to join in. easy. peasy.
  • you get a reminder a couple of days before that you’re slotted to bring the upcoming meal. brilliant. {i’m all about the automatic reminder!}

there is also a $10 version that allows you to coordinate additional things: appointments, rides, childcare and visitors, etc. this would be great for someone having surgery or with an ongoing medical condition…the possibilites are endless and the time saved is um, a lot!

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  • Selah May 2, 2013 at 1:22 PM

    This is really cool! One question – does it allow you to see what types of food others have brought? When I take a meal, I always ask if there is anything that they’ve had a lot of. Nobody wants to eat spaghetti 3-4 nights in a row!
    One of the best tips I ever got about meal delivery is to include breakfast foods. Homemade muffins, frozen pancakes / waffles & syrup, cinnamon rolls, etc. Breakfast is often the most difficult meal for a new mom, especially if there are older children that she has to fix breakfast for, so yummy breakfast foods are a blessing.
    I had a very sweet friend who brought me healthy snacks (granola bars, muffins, trail mix) that could be eaten one handed while nursing. That was awesome!

    • Caitlin Author May 6, 2013 at 11:05 AM

      Yes! It does give you the option to enter what you’re bringing. So the caveat would be if someone didn’t list their meal. That’s a really good point, and definitely one of my favorite things about Meal Train. That’s such a good tip! I hadn’t thought about adding in breakfast, but will have to do that now! I also wouldn’t have thought about the one-handed part. Such a great idea! Thanks for sharing, Selah!

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