iphones and binkys

i read this post this morning before church and have been amazed (and a little chagrined) to realize how much i really do treat my iphone like an adult version of a binky.

everything we do is intentional- after all, we choose to do it, but is there such a thing as mindless intentionality? checking my phone (or pinterest) when i have a spare moment has become like a natural reaction.

that’s a little scary to me. i think often about how i need to pray more, and be more intentional about it, but when i have a spare minute my phone gets the attention.

on a more upbeat note, this yellow shirt made the gray texas weather seem sunnier yesterday when i wore it. i think next time i’ll wear it with a skirt to define my waist better because the proportions of it are a bit strange, but it gets an ‘a’ for comfort.

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  • Audrey @ Putting Me Together February 9, 2012 at 3:58 AM

    I love this yellow top! The iPhone can be mesmerizing, like with a weird power. I used to talk to God a LOT more during random times through out my day when I didn’t have an iPhone. I’ve been trying to be very cognizant of when I reach for my phone during a spare moment, and even a simple act of thinking twice snaps me out of the hypnotic spell it has. I am much more aware of my internal world as well as what’s happening around me when I’m not numbing myself with my phone!

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