i heart pencil skirts

before last year i owned zero pencil skirts. now? i own five and i think i spent less than $20 for the whole bunch.

following style blogs has inspired me to get outside of my go-to jeans/pants and blouse with a sweater combo. i may have only moved a step up to a pencil skirt, blouse and sweater combo, but progress is progress, my friend. plus, if you replace all your go-to jean outfits with a pencil skirt, you’ve doubled your choice of outfits. brilliant.

i heart you, teal pencil skirt. thanks for jumping into my hands at goodwill and making your home in my closet.

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  • kat January 11, 2012 at 3:02 AM

    Let me know when you are tired of it, I have some ideas of my own! :)

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