i am a mess (day 2)

day 2 thoughts:

  1. i may have chosen too many light-colored things. 3 of the 4 i’ve worn so far have gotten stains. am i normally this messy?
  2. my dryer is going to get a workout this month. i don’t want to wash everything after one wear (i’m not the only one, right?) and a quick minute in the dryer does wonders in improving fit!
  3. my washer might get a workout, too. (see number 1.)
  4. i may have chosen poorly in choosing june for these¬†shenanigans. throughout the course of the month, we’re helping with a kids’ class at church each week, sports camp is this week, we have a vacation coming up and a wedding reception to go to. ah well, it will make for some good stories, right?

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  • Lindsay June 2, 2012 at 8:48 PM

    My Favorite Outfit so Far!

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