I always felt like other people were more put together than I was but I couldn’t figure out why.

I always felt like other people were more put together than I was but I couldn’t figure out why.

One of the sweetest parts of Greater Than Rubies is hearing y’all’s stories- and I’m so excited to share Lauren’s with you today!

Lauren had two different wardrobes hanging in her closet: business professional and yoga-casual.

When she made the transition to staying home with her sweet baby boy, her yoga wear wound up being her all-the-time wear.

She wanted a style that really worked for her and this new phase of her life, but wasn’t sure how to make that happen.

We broke Lauren out of her box by talking about why she was wearing certain things, figuring out her style + walking through how to put together outfits to bring it alive.

We also talked about what to add to make her closet even more versatile + turn it into a vault she couldn’t wait to raid each morning!

Lauren's Before & After: Put Together

Mission accomplished! And how gorgeous is she?!

We used a combination of Hello, Gorgeous! (the course she mentioned) and an individual style coaching session to turn Lauren’s closet into a place she can easily put together outfits that work for her life and feel like her.

Before now, I’ve only offered the Hello, Gorgeous! course or premium individual style coaching services. But in hearing feedback from y’all, we created an in-between option, because no matter where you live or what your budget, you deserve to feel beautiful and have a closet that pumps you up to make what matters happen!

This week, we’re releasing another brand-sparkling-new option to Greater Than Rubies: Hello, Gorgeous! + coaching sessions!

It’s for those of you who want to get from nothing to wear to a closet you love as fast and as worry-free as possible- all on a budget!

No more wasted money (or guilt) spent on clothes you don’t love.

No more wondering how to dress your unique shape or look as put together as you want to.

Less time figuring out what to do when + more purposeful action and time to enjoy the results!

All the details are headed your way soon!

In the meantime, tell me your style’s story (+ where you want it to go!) to be entered to win a Hello, Gorgeous! + coaching package! The winner will be announced Wednesday!

I can’t wait to hear your story!




P.S. This video was created at West & Lou by Logos Media.

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