How to Shop Your Closet for Spring 2017 Trends

Does a new season make you feel like you need to rush out and get all the new pieces so you feel put together?

During my year without shopping, I realized that most “trends” are just new ways of pairing classic pieces. 

Now, for every season, instead of feeling like I need a total closet makeover, here’s the simple process I follow to create new looks: 
  1. Do a little research to figure out what the trends are this season.
  2. Shop my closet to create new looks around them.
  3. Think about a few pieces I could add to make my closet even more versatile and fun!

Do you want to use what you have better this season + make a few purposeful additions you love?

Let’s walk through the process together!

One: Do a little research to figure out what the trends are this season. 

I did all the legwork for you on this one, so just sit back with your fave drink + become a spring style guru in the next 3 minutes! 😉 Let’s look at colors, prints, fabrics, and styling you’ll see in magazines, on blogs, and popping up everywhere on Pinterest.

Colors: Pastels, pink and red, blue and red.

Pastels are always a safe bet for spring. I love pairing them with jewel tones to transition them from winter. Plus, jewel tones are super classic + look good on every skin tone!

Y’all know I get all the heart eyes over pinks and reds, so I’m really excited about the pink + red trend! You could go really bold with this, like I did here or dip your toe in by wearing a red lip with a pink piece of clothing or vice versa.

Greater Than Rubies

Red and blue is another combination you’ll see everywhere. I love America, but I don’t really want to look like I’m wearing a flag unless it’s the fourth of July. Try pairing a mix of hues, like a pale icy blue and bright red, or cobalt and coral.

Patterns: florals, stripes, gingham, and novelty prints.

Florals are almost always a big trend for spring. If you’ve never felt like you could pull them off, try to find a print made up of natural colors, like a flower or plant you’d actually find in nature. Most prints are crazy colors, so they look out of style quickly. Stick to classic floral prints for pieces you can pull out year after year!

Stripes are in (they’re classic enough you can always wear them!) but big, bold stripes are where it’s at this year.

Gingham is another super-classic print that you’ll see all over the place.

And novelty prints, like fruit, animals, and more are popping up like daisies!

Fabrics: ruffles, embroidery, eyelet, and tassels.

Think girly, delicate details!

Pull out your pieces that have ruffles, embroidery and eyelet, and pair them with basics like black work pants, jeans, or a neutral sweater to let them be the focus of your outfit. Finish the look by combining trends and wearing a tassel necklace or earrings.

Styling: it’s all about the opposites!

For a fresh spin on your go-to outfits, try these trends:
  • Mix shine into your daily look. Add a touch of metallic in a shoe or bag, or reach for a statement piece of jewelry.
  • Pair your sporty pieces with something girly, like a baseball hat with pearls, florals, or pastel.
  • Wear skinny pants with a top that has over-sized sleeves.
  • Mix textures, like a floaty spring dress with your suede booties or layer a chunky knit cardigan over a silky blouse and boyfriend jeans. (This is also a perfect way to dress for those not-quite-spring not-quite winter days!)

Two: Shop your closet to put together outfits using these trends!

Feel free to get creative, but here are 8 specific outfit ideas you can steal + shop your closet for!
  1. Pair something red with something pink.
  2. Put together a look using a new red and blue combo.
  3. What “in” prints do you have? Create a new outfit around one of your floral, striped, gingham, or novelty patterns.
  4. Be bold! Try mixing a floral piece with stripes.
  5. Freshen up your every day staples with a girly detail. Take your pick from ruffles, embroidery, eyelet, or tassels.
  6. Mix and match new textures!
  7. Add an extra touch of shine to your day look. If you haven’t, pair a basic tee and jeans with a statement necklace. This is one of my fave weekend looks!
  8. Create an outfit with at least one pastel piece and one jewel tone piece.

Three: Think about a few pieces you could add to make your closet even more versatile and fun!

I usually get a few pieces each new season. My favorite thing to do is pull pieces I don’t wear anymore and sell them back to a consignment shop. I try to use that money to cover my new pieces!
The things I typically add are:
  • Anything that’s worn out and needs replaced.
  • A new statement necklace. It makes all my favorite basics feel fresh and fun!
  • A unique completer piece, like a cardigan, jacket, or blazer. This is one of the biggest holes in most women’s closets, and adding one piece gives you a ton of new outfit combinations.
  • Then, if there’s a trend that I really like, I’ll try to find it in a classic shape, like a button up or a shift dress so that I can re-wear it even after the season has passed.

Here are a few pieces I think are great options:

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Super simple, right? Now you’ve got the tools to refresh your wardrobe for spring without spending a ton!
  1. You know what’s in for spring.
  2. You’ve got outfit ideas to try!
  3. And you know the types of pieces that could be a good addition to make your closet more versatile.

Have fun + if you have any questions, let me know in the comments or shoot me a note. I’d love to be a second set of eyes if you need it!

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