goodbye, january!

one month down, eleven to go!

i thought i’d celebrate with a top three list of my favorite outfits thus far: 123 (and their reasons for being so).

  1. dresses are like a secret weapon. they make you look like you tried hard, but they are so.easy.
  2. bright pops of color are perfect for wintertime and mixing patterns is a great way to breathe new life into your tried and true pieces.
  3. in my opinion, this outfit proves that you can find AWESOME items at your local thrift store. even if they don’t fit perfectly, buying an item for $2.50 and having it tailored can be much cheaper than buying one of similar quality at full retail price.

psst! hey you. yes you. lean in very closely. i have a secret for you: tomorrow’s post is going to be very special. it’ll be an early one, so keep thine eyes peeled.

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