Fall Capsule Wardrobe Remix: Week 5


Fall Capsule Wardrobe Week 5

I’ve been watching a lot of What Not to Wear lately (well done, Netflix!) and I never get tired of watching the amazing changes that occur inside of people because of a few outside tweaks.

A friend asked me recently if I thought there was anything wrong with the confidence she finds in feeling put together and having a cute outfit on. Absolutely not! Granted, we shouldn’t find our worth in feeling attractive or base it on other people’s opinions, but something happens in your mind when you care for yourself outwardly. When I dress well, I have more energy, feel confident, and turn my thoughts to other, more important things.

In case you’re thinking in your head “Sure, that would be great if I had a ton of money,” stop that thought train right there! Dressing well doesn’t have to be expensive. None of the items I’m wearing above cost more than $30, several of them were free, and the majority cost less than $10.

As this series draws to a close, what are some things you’d like to hear more about? How to better use what’s in your closet? What pieces to add? How to shop thrift and consignment stores? Something else? Help me turn this into a place where we can hone our remixing skills together!

That being said, in the spirit of Greater, I’m going to remix a few more outfits from these pieces for next Friday. I want to show you how I plan to transition them to fall temperatures once these 90’s go away! {Please, Lord, let it be soon.} Fellow remixionistas- you are welcome to join me, but I will also post a link up on Saturday to show all 30ish outfits in one spot. I hope you’ll join so we can see your entire remix, too!

Now…on to the details.

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Full challenge outfit details here.

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I can’t wait to see your looks! Link them up below.

If you want to join but haven’t yet, it’s not too late. I made up some rules, but they’re really just guidelines, so pick out your pieces and link them up!

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