i really love the look of big, layered pearl necklaces, like this.

but i don’t have anything like that, so for a while it was on my mental list of things i might buy at the end of the challenge. after about a month of mourning (not really) the fact i didn’t have anything like it, i tried triple-layering a very long necklace over a bib necklace, which resulted in the combo i wore here.

while it’s not the same, i really like it. and i really like the fact that i didn’t have to buy anything to achieve a similar look.

let’s be real- i totally would have laid down the cash for some faux pearls if i wasn’t on on a buying freeze. and that purchase would have definitely come before i gave myself time to come up with this creation.

this realization has me thinking that at the end of this crazy thing, i may compile a ‘waiting wish list’ of sorts. i’ll put the things i’d like to add to my wardrobe on it, but they’ll have to go through some sort of waiting period before they make it in to club skidmore. for one, i don’t need any of them. and two, i’m convinced that my bent toward buying quickly has kept undiscovered some great combinations just waiting to be found in my closet.

let the discoveries begin!

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  • Selah March 27, 2012 at 5:59 AM

    Great idea! I’m not on a spending freeze but I do try to be frugal. I’m going to implement your waiting list idea immediately.

    As far as jewelry goes, once your ready to spend again, try crafting stores like Michaels, Hobby Lobby, etc. before spending on trendy stuff. I got 10 charms for about $20. I change them out on my basic chains for multiple looks.

    • Caitlin March 28, 2012 at 5:07 PM

      That’s so great! Let me know how it goes. I’ve got a while before I can test it out. :)

      What a great idea. I actually have a charm bracelet I don’t wear, so I’m going to experiment with adding them to some chains I already have. You may have just inspired an upcoming post!!

      • Selah March 29, 2012 at 7:42 AM

        I got the idea from my friend April’s blog A Little of This and That. Original post here:
        I had never thought about Micheal’s or Hobby Lobby for jewelry until she suggested it. Hobby Lobby, in particular, has a huge selection in store and online.
        It’s cool that you already have charms that you can use :)

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