dashing myths

a while ago i talked about taking on the what not to wear top ten fashion myths.

it took me a while, but i dashed them all, my friends! (do you dash a myth? break it? i’m not sure of the lingo so we’re going to go with dash. oo although bludgeon would be fun. thanks thesaurus.com.)

i’ll show you half today and the rest tomorrow.

black and blue (wntw’s tip)
sweater: nordstrom’s. shirt: h&m. jeans: clothes mentor. flats: dsw.

i chose my deep blue h&m top that has a black tie (sneaky, i know) as the building block for this outfit. i don’t really like the way it photographed, so i will style it differently in the future. how you ask? i’m not sure. you’ll just have to stick around to find out!

gold and silver (wntw’s tip)
necklace: charming charlie’s. blouse & skirt: thrifted. wedges: target.

i mixed silver and gold into my outfit instead of just jewelry (which is also one of my new faves).

horizontal stripes (wntw’s tip)
plaid: pac sun. sweater: f 21. jeans: clothes mentor. boots: charlotte russe.

i love that the study mentioned in their tip found that people perceived those wearing horizontal stripes as thinner instead of heaver as previously thought (i don’t know about you but i’ve definitely heard that). if you do want to minimize the stripes, try them with a blazer, like this.

tall girls and high heels (wntw’s tip)
sweater: nordstrom’s. blouse: thrifted. trousers: limited. heels: dsw.

these are one of the highest pair of heels that i own. i’ve been 5’11” (that qualifies as tall, right?) since 6th grade and i didn’t like to stand out at that age. maybe if you promise not to laugh i’ll show you a picture of my curling iron bangs (i used to think it was cool to curl them so tightly they looked like i left a roller in my hair. what was i thinking?) once i met troy, though, i didn’t mind wearing heels so much (he’s 6’3”. and thankfully by then i’d given up the roller-bangs look or i might’ve scared him away) and now they’re one of my favorites. they can be comfortable and introduce variety into my wardrobe.

mixed prints (wntw’s tip)
sweater: target. blouse: charlotte russe. jeans: clothes mentor. wedges: target.

this is one of my favorite combinations. i love a good mixed prints outfit. even if it goes out of style, i’m going to keep wearing it. take that, fashion police!

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  • Merrick February 25, 2012 at 8:52 AM

    Love all of these looks! And what a cool challenge! I would love if you posted where your clothing is from on all the myth photos too…loving so many of those pieces!


    • Caitlin February 25, 2012 at 3:39 PM

      Merrick- thank you!

      If you click on the link of each, you can see the original post, but I also updated the post and labeled each item under it’s title. Hope that helps!

      Thanks again and have a wonderful night! :)

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