Curate to Fill Another’s Plate

#31days of Greater: Food

I love the word ‘curate.’

I recently learned it means to care for things and for souls. The double meaning resonated with me because I’ve found that when you care well for things, it often leads to questions about how that thing can be used more effectively in your life as well as to better another’s.

According to Richard, “We don’t think ourselves into a new way of living, we live ourselves into a new way of thinking.” {Richard Rohr as quoted in More or Less}. I couldn’t agree more. A huge part of this series will be living out what we’re thinking and exploring.

So go get a timer. Set it for 10 minutes. I’ll wait. Did you do it yet? Don’t make me come over there. I promise it’s doable. All set?

Curate the food at home…

Take stock.

  • {1 minute} Glance through your fridge, freezer, and pantry. Is anything about to expire?
  • {1 minute} Make a note to plan the next meal(s) around those item(s) so they don’t go to waste. Bonus: plan a week’s worth of meals based on what is already in your pantry. {Or see how long you can live off of the food in your pantry, fridge, and freezer like Jeff did. Spoiler alert: over 140 meals!}

Tweak the plan.

For the next time you shop…

  • {2 minutes} What is one thing you could do to make grocery shopping a. easier or b. more frugal? Write it down at the top of your grocery list so you won’t forget to follow through.
  • Easier: put your list in order of the store’s layout, keep coupons in your purse or attached to your grocery list, digitize your list so it’s always with you.
  • Less expensive: use a coupon, try a discount store like Aldi {be sure to take a quarter and your own bags!}, leave your credit or debit card behind and use cash to cut out impulse purchases.

Curate to fill another’s plate…

Brainstorm and pick one {4 minutes}.

  • Sacrifice one time of eating out this month. Use the money to bless someone else.
  • Take a meal to someone you know could use it {Or, like Felicia mentioned in the comments of this post, drop off a week’s worth of groceries and a corresponding meal plan. Can you come live by me, Felicia?}
  • When you come across someone asking for money to buy food, buy them a meal at the nearest restaurant and take it to them.
  • Drop off dry goods from your pantry at a local food bank.

I want to hear your ideas! What are other ways we can use food to bless others?

greater #31days of curating & blessing out of excess

PS Read more about Greater here.

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  • Selah October 9, 2013 at 8:03 AM

    This is great Caitlin! Another suggestion – I have a friend who keeps a care package of non perishables in her car – peanut butter (or sunbutter), crackers, plastic utensils, toilet paper, granola bars, etc. Instead of giving money or fast food to the homeless, she gives them the care package.

    • Caitlin Author October 14, 2013 at 7:41 AM

      That is such a great idea- thanks for sharing it with us!

  • Felicia October 9, 2013 at 2:15 PM

    I love to meal plan but can run out of steam sometimes. I find it challenging to try to find easy, HEALTHY meals that don’t take a lot of preparation. Over the past month I have been in a rut with meals. Enchiladas, quesadillas, pizza, pasta, lasagna on and on… YUCK! You get tired of eating like this after a while.

    I was encouraged by Jeff’s story. Storage is a blessing and a curse. I try to buy fresh foods and not store a ton of stuff. Compared to other family members, we have no food! Their pantries are stuffed, ours are practically bare.

    Making a plan in the order of the store’s layout is key!!! I have been doing that for over 5 years. It’s so helpful.

    Another thing I have tried is couponing. I’m not extreme by any means, but it allows me to feel good about giving stuff away when I get it at a great price. I also sort my coupons in the order of the store’s layout.

    • Caitlin Author October 14, 2013 at 7:43 AM

      Felicia- I agree! I finally feel like I’ve found a couple of blogs that do that well, so I take the recipes that fit our family from them and then try to fill in the holes.

      Sorting your coupons in order of the layout is brilliant!

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