well friends, the big event is in 3 days!

it’s by far the largest shebang i’ve ever helped plan and i am SO EXCITED to see how it turns out!

i’ve had my nose buried in my computer screen pouring over details while my sweet husband has been off flying around the country, so we haven’t snapped many pics lately. i have found, however, that when i am insanely busy and everything that can be is functioning in autopilot, the easiest outfits to reach for are:

  1. a button up + skinnies
  2. a blouse + a pencil skirt

i’ve worn a combo of one of these for the last 4 days and i feel businessy, comfortable, and pulled together all at the same time. add a topknot to hide the fact you haven’t washed your hair in 5 days (kidding…) and you.are.set.

pleated poppy

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