another crazy cat

i’m not the only crazy cat around.

lyz gave up clothes buying for 6 months. with the money she and her husband saved, they’ve paid off one of her student loans 3 months early and plan to be student loan free by the end of this year instead of next. i’m impressed.

here are a few lines from her article that had me talking to my computer. (does anyone else do that?)

“When I saw stuff I liked, I’d ask myself, Is there anywhere in the budget I could hide this purchase? But then I’d think, No, wait, that’s really sneaky and indicates a serious problem! It’s just a few months, suck it up…” <me too…

“…instead of encouraging me to hoard my clothes, this shopping ban has actually helped me appreciate and reassess what I have.” <emphatic nods of agreement took place about here.

“Before, I thought I didn’t have enough. Now, I think I have too much. I’m considering extending No Pants 2012 for another month, or even perhaps the whole year.” < do it! do it! youuuuu can doooooo it! (that last phrase went through my head in a crazy, unrecognizable accent. i think it’s from a movie but it’s highly likely i made it up.)

“In the future, once I’m allowed to buy clothes again, I plan to be more intentional about the way I dress. I’ll build a wardrobe of classics in basic colors, which I can dress up with colorful accessories.” <amen, sister. i’ve had the exact same thoughts. buy basics (one of each rather than multiples and of a little higher quality) and play with trends primarily through accessories.

i’ve said it before and i’m sure i’ll say it again: i have been amazed at how abstaining from buying clothes has changed my entire thought process about shopping- and it’s only month 5.

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