An Apology & A Heads Up

Happy Monday, friends!

First of all, I want to apologize for any inconvenience. There are a few behind the scenes things being done on the GTR site, so last week it was down for a bit. Oops! Thankfully, we’re up and rolling again.

We’re working to get a few more things tweaked and ready, so you may see some funky things going on this week. Please ignore that and know we’ll be back to normal in just a few days.

Everything should be done by the time 31 Days, 31 Ways prompts start going out, but just in case, if you plan to participate, sign up for the e-mail list on the righthand side of the page if you haven’t done that yet. I can send e-mails through the provider I use if something goes wrong and the site is acting up. Better safe than sorry, right? :)

The good news is, 31 ways to create new outfits are headed your way starting in just a couple of days! And the changes behind the scenes are for some AMAZING surprises I’ve got in store for you. So again, so sorry for any inconvenience, but I promise it will be worth it! Thanks for hanging with me.

Have an awesome day!

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